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Santos Tejedor Tórtola

String instrument maker in Albacete (Spain).


     After many years of my life dedicated to the music and sound, to pull melodies out from different musical instruments, my interest in the matter itself of those instruments raised in me: their parts, structure, and lots of questions related to their colors, varnishes, etc.



      Something that started as a distant dream, an idea in my head, a longing to understand the construction of the materials which originate music. What seemed at first an hermetic and selective work, something that has remained under secret among the violin maker and his instrument, is now shown as one of the most beautiful dedications that can exist: the art of shaping wood, to carve and sculpt, bend and join it in new forms of volume and creativity, following in the footsteps of great men who have left their names engraved in  history, and his creations delighting our ears. Definitively, to turn wood into sound...

Santos Tejedor

Instrument maker and restorer.

Your luthier in Albacete.


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