The most common repairs that instruments often need are:

  • ​Surface cleaning, polishing, fingerboard sanding.

  • Soundpost / bridge relocation.

  • Pegbox crashes and breaks.

  • Saddle review and change.

  • Scratch repairing.

  • Varnish retouches.

  • Breaks in the wood's fiber  (principally at the top plate)

  • Dents and deformations in the wood.

  • Exchange the neck for adapting to baroque violin.

  • Re-gluing open areas.

  • Bow rehairing.

Bow rehairing.

Soundpost sustitution and top plate sealing.

Cleaning the surfaces in an old violin.

Crack sealing in cello ribs.

Double bass bridge adaptation.

Crack sealing in a double bass.

Surface cleaning.

Cello bridge change (due to insufficient height).

Loop exchange.

Santos Tejedor

Instrument maker and restorer.

Your luthier in Albacete.


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Cleaning the surfaces in an old violin.